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Created by Oliver. D. Smith

The Atlantis Wiki is dedicated to classicists and scholars who have written about Plato's Atlantis.

To have a page/entry on The Atlantis Wiki requires at least of one the following that verifies research:

  • A peer-reviewed article about Atlantis in a journal.
  • A B.A. dissertation, M.A. or Ph.D. thesis on the subject of Atlantis.
  • A book on Atlantis published by a university press or academic publishing house.
  • A publication on Atlantis that has two or more book reviews in academic journals.
  • A work concerning Atlantis printed in a reputable science, philosophy or history magazine.

These weed out non-serious literature on Atlantis ranging from pseudo-archaeology to occultism. 

Note: there may be rare exceptions to the above based on notability criteria.


Plato Atlantis reconstruction

Metropolis of Atlantis, from Albert Herrmann’s Unsere Ahnen und Atlantis

List of Atlantis scholars

Various scholars have changed their views, including the admin of this wiki; listed here is only their original held position, while their main entries will discuss their current hypothesis.

List of Atlantis location hypotheses


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