Nikolaos Platon

Nikolaos Platon
 (1909 - 1992) was a renowned archaeologist and antiquarian. Born in Cephalonia, but of Cretan ancestry, he served as Ephor of Antiquities in Crete and Director Heraklion Museum from 1938 to 1961 (having succeeded Spyridon Marinatos); in 1966 he became Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and later lectured on Minoan civilization at the University of Crete, until 1981. He was a member of the Greek Archaeological Society and surpervised numerous archaeological excacations.

Platon is perhaps most remembered for his discovery and excavation of the Minoan palace of Zakros, Crete that he argued was destroyed by the Thera eruption; he maintained there were two volcanic eruptions with a fifty year interval. In his book published on his work at Zakros, he wrote a 17-page chapter on Atlantis defending the Minoan hypothesis.


  • M.A. Archaeology, University of Athens.


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